Surf Fin Research

Analyze flow over various fin geometries and orientations.  Understand factors that affect drag and stability.

[still in progress]



  • Research
  • Design
  • CAD
  • 3D print
  • Test


This project involves surf fin research from design to testing. Fins are designed in CAD, analyzed with CFD, and tested with 3D printing. CAD software is used in order to change various fin geometries and import into CFD software where a test matrix is run. The purpose of this research is to find more efficient fin setups and how they affect surfing performance. 

Future Points of Research

  • Experimental setup to analyze performance
  • Rigorously define fin performance
  • 3D printing feasibility / strength analysis



  • The drag due to the two surfing setups is very similar
  • A greater drag difference is seen at greater speeds
  • Thruster - 3 fins
  • Twin - 2 fins
  • A twin fin setup has a lower drag coefficient due to the smaller drag per reference area 
  • Though both setups have similar drag, a twin fin setup has a more efficient use of surface area.


Twin Fin:

Printed Fins