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Camera Housing 1.0

Fully waterproof, tough water housing designed for surf photography.



  • Concept
  • Design
  • CAD
  • Manufacture
  • Test

Design Requirements

  1. High waterproof rating (higher than IP68). Ability to withstand beyond 10m depth and turbulent water / forceful waves.
  2. Optical quality lens port.
  3. Transparent back-plate.
  4. Impact resistant 
  5. Interchangable ports for wide variety of lens choices


  1. Use for surf photography
  2. High quality cameras will be used
  3. Ability to monitor camera while in use
  4. During use in heavy surf, the camera must be safe during impacts with the ground, reef, etc.
  5. Versatility for the photographer

Areas of improvement 

  • Alternative to waterproof momentary switch - often corroded or let water into handles (separate from main camera box)
  • Edges - corners on the main camera housing pose minor safety concern during use