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Camera Housing 2.0

Fully waterproof, tough water housing designed for surf photography.

[Currently in manufacture / test phase]



  • Concept
  • Design
  • CAD
  • Manufacture
  • 3D print
  • Test

Design Requirements

  1. High waterproof rating (higher than IP68). Ability to withstand beyond 10m depth and turbulent water / forceful waves.
  2. Mechanical lever to release camera shutter.
  3. Optical quality lens port.
  4. Transparent back-plate.
  5. Impact resistant 


  1. Use for surf photography
  2. Mechanical lever has potential to be more reliable than an electrical button
  3. High quality cameras will be used
  4. Ability to monitor camera while in use
  5. During use in heavy surf, the camera must be safe during impacts with the ground, reef, etc.

Improvements of Version 2.0

  • Reliability - less moving parts and simpler design
  • Camera Shutter - Rather than an electrical momentary switch, a mechanical lever is used
  • Modular - Unlike many camera housings, the cylindrical housing can accommodate different cameras
  • Handles - 3D printing has allowed quick, modular changes of the handles

* Not all drawings and dimensions are shown for privacy of design *